Need Air Duct Cleaning in Highrise Condominiums?

At Conella we have the proper air duct cleaning machines that can be used to clean air ducts in a high rise building. The machines are equipped with HEPA filters and dual motors for maximum vacuum. Each machine can be separated in three separate sections allowing us to carry them pretty much anywhere. For pricing please call us at (312) 528-9428

air duct cleaning

Need carpet cleaning in a highrise ?

At Conella we carry very high quality portable units that can clean carpets pretty much under any condition. As the name says portable units can be taken anywhere and are very good at cleaning carpets. The only bad part about them is that it takes a little longer to clean carpet vs a truck mount unit. Regardless they do a great job cleaning carpets  in difficult situations or in skyscrapers where a normal truck mounted unit would not be able to reach.

Chicago skyscraper carpet cleaning