Car interior cleaning

With all the warm weather fun; car interior seems to take a beating. Do you have dogs? kids? are you active and constantly have to look at your muddy mats and dirty car upholstery? We are here to help! We clean all types of car interior fabric and even leather. We clean everything that’s covered in fabric or leather like seats, side panels, trunk space and mats. We also apply a protective layer to reduce staining in the future for both fabric and leather upholstery. Give us a call!
car interior

Pet stains!

We are all pet lovers, but nothing is worse than a accident on the fresh carpet. We offer a special pet stain removal system that not only gets rid of the stain but also the smell. Its best not to use any cleaning products and just call the pros since the cleaning agents can change the pH of the carpet.

dog stains

Did you know we can clean leather?

By now you probably know that we can clean all types of fabric but did you know we specialize in leather cleaning also? Whenever we clean the leather we don’t only clean it we also protect it. We apply a special protector to protect the leather from staining and UV lights. Aside from cleaning the leather upholstery we can also clean the leather inside of your car/boat/RV you name it.

leather cleaning

Start 2017 Fresh

We’re open 365 days a year and have 24/7 emergency services available. If you are ready to start your year fresh and clean your carpets give us a call. Also if your pipes burst because of the freezing weather and you need someone to clean up the water damage we’re here to help!

fresh carpets

Dirty upholstery?

Not only we clean carpets but also can clean any type of upholstery. We can clean any type of sofas, sectionals, ottomans,chairs and more. You name is and we can clean it. We have two cleaning methods. We can either clean the upholstery at your house or we can take it with us and clean it in our warehouse. Our prices are very competitive, we use low moisture cleaning so if you choose to clean the upholstery at your house it wont be soaking went it will dry fairly quick! The other option is having us pick up the upholstery and deliver it when its 100% dry and ready to use.

upholstery cleaning chicago

Did you know that we clean carpets in high rises ?

At Conella we have the right equipment to tackle any job. We have big truck mounted units that we can use to clean carpets in any residential house or a flat level business. We also have portable units that we can take to any floor we desire. Our portable units are just as good as our truck mounts, but they just take little extra time to clean the carpets or upholstery. So whether you live in a house or in a apartment on the 100th floor give us a call and receive a free quote. 312-528-9428