Water damage in Chicago?

Recent cold temperatures can bring a lot of problems when it comes to bursting pipes and flooding basements. If you ever get stuck in that problem call us and we can help you. We have a trained team of technicians with years of experience that will remove the water, dry the basement and restore it if necessary. Call us for free estimates 312-528-9428
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Hard to remove spots? Tips and Tricks!

So what happens when you get a hard to remove spot on your carpet? Or first of all whats a hard to remove spots? Well everyone knows that spots like ink, nail polish, red vine, paint, or pet stains can be very hard to be removed, so what should you do when you are the victim and you spilled some paint or your pet had an accident. You might be surprised but the best step is to do nothing and just call the pros! Trying to clean up the stains with house hold cleaning solutions will most likely not work but it will also change the ph of the carpet making it very difficult to clean later. Just call the pros and be worry free.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Can you clean my carpets if I live on 30th floor?
- Yes we can, we carry two types of machines. We use portable machines for jobs that are not accessible by our truck mount machines.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?
- It depends on how much carpet there is to clean, it also depends on the quality of the carpet and how soiled it is. Typically we can clean 400-500sq.f /per hour

Is scotchgard protection necessary for the carpet?
- Its not necessary but we do recommend it, we have noticed that carpets that are treated with scotchgard last longer and typically have less stains



Trash chute cleaning Chicago

If you are looking for trash chute cleaners in Chicago or suburbs you have found the right places. At Conella we offer chute cleaning for:

-High and low rise buildings
-Hotels and Motels
-Time Shares
-High Rise Office Buildings

We clean the trash using a 3500PSI hot pressure washer trailer and a heavy duty degreaser.

Call us for free estimates 312-528-9428



How do you know who to call when it comes to carpet cleaning?

Finding the best carpet cleaner on the market can be difficult. Here is a list of things to look for when searching for your next carpet cleaning company.

1. Look for company that has some kind of reviews around the web.
2. Check if the reviews posted are real? If you don’t know how, you can easily click on the person who left the review and see how many previous reviews they left. If they only have one review or they live nowhere near where the carpet cleaning company is located its most likely a fake review.
3. Check for video reviews. Video reviews are the most reliable.
4. Check out before and after cleaning pictures. See what the company is all about.
5. Check BBB
6. See if the company has any certifications
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Air Duct Cleaning FAQ’s

Here are some of the most frequent questions our customers ask us about Air Duct Cleaning.

1. How long does the service take?
- Well this depends on the duct cleaning package, but a standard size house with 15-20 vents takes around 5 hours.

2. Can we stay in the house while you clean the ducts?
- Yes, when we clean the ducts we seal all the vents so the dust and all the dirt debris go straight into the vacuum.

3. How often should we clean our ducts?
- Ducts should be cleaned every 2-3 years, but if you have pets, kids, elders, allergies or special medical conditions more frequent cleaning would be recommended. Also ducts should be cleaned after any sort of water damage situation or house renovation.

4. Whats the average cost of duct cleaning?
- this depends on the package that you desire, but on average its between $350.00-$500.00 for a standard size house with less then 20 vents

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About us!

We have been serving Chicago and suburbs since 1997. Our goal is to go beyond what you would expect from an average carpet cleaning company. Call us for anything from carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration and more… We offer FREE estimates with no obligation, Call us now 312-528-9428
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