Online Reviews

Do you trust online reviews? have you ever read a review and knew it fake right away? This is why we let our customers speak their opinion about our services with no one telling them what to say. There are no extra discount for saying good things also haha.

Are your electric bills high?

One of the reasons why your electric bill might be high is because of the dirty furnace and or duct system. A system that’s clogged with dust and other debris cant run as efficient. The motor has to work 2x as high pulling more power and making your bill higher. Most of our customers notice a cut in their electric bill after duct cleaning.
air duct cleaning

Car interior cleaning

With all the warm weather fun; car interior seems to take a beating. Do you have dogs? kids? are you active and constantly have to look at your muddy mats and dirty car upholstery? We are here to help! We clean all types of car interior fabric and even leather. We clean everything that’s covered in fabric or leather like seats, side panels, trunk space and mats. We also apply a protective layer to reduce staining in the future for both fabric and leather upholstery. Give us a call!
car interior

Pet stains!

We are all pet lovers, but nothing is worse than a accident on the fresh carpet. We offer a special pet stain removal system that not only gets rid of the stain but also the smell. Its best not to use any cleaning products and just call the pros since the cleaning agents can change the pH of the carpet.

dog stains

Did you know we can clean leather?

By now you probably know that we can clean all types of fabric but did you know we specialize in leather cleaning also? Whenever we clean the leather we don’t only clean it we also protect it. We apply a special protector to protect the leather from staining and UV lights. Aside from cleaning the leather upholstery we can also clean the leather inside of your car/boat/RV you name it.

leather cleaning