Its winter but we are still open!

Conella works 24/7 365 days a year no weather will stop us! We can perform all of our services in any weather. We have door covers to make sure no heat escapes your house! Our machines are truck mounted so you don’t have to worry about someone bringing in wet machines into your house. Our technicians always wear shoe covers and make sure we leave your house spotless when we leave! Don’t wait until spring to clean your dirty carpets Call us to schedule your appointment today (312) 528-9428

Carpet Drying Times

I think the number one questions that our customers ask is “how long would it take for the carpets to dry?” and “when would they be able to walk on the carpet again?”

The answer varies sometimes because the drying times depend on a lot of factors like:
- temperature inside/outside
- humidity
- service performed
- how dirty the carpets were
- if it was a water damage job
We can say that on average the carpet is fully dry in 6-8 hours. Once we are done cleaning the carpets we get about 95% of the water from the carpet so the carpet is not soaked its just moist.

As far as walking on the carpet we recommend minimum traffic. We always provide all of the residents at the house with shoe covers in case they need to walk on the carpet. Also don’t forget to ask our techs about “speed drying” the carpets with our special carpet blowers!

shoe covers and speed drying

Ready for Summer?

After all the spring cleaning are you ready for summer heat? If your carpets still need cleaning give Conella a call. We have been in business for over 15 years and have the knowledge, experience and top quality equipment that will get the toughest stains out!

We are currently running few promotions on our website so make sure you check them out! If you have any questions or want a free estimate give us a call! 312-528-9428


How do you know who to call when it comes to carpet cleaning?

Finding the best carpet cleaner on the market can be difficult. Here is a list of things to look for when searching for your next carpet cleaning company.

1. Look for company that has some kind of reviews around the web.
2. Check if the reviews posted are real? If you don’t know how, you can easily click on the person who left the review and see how many previous reviews they left. If they only have one review or they live nowhere near where the carpet cleaning company is located its most likely a fake review.
3. Check for video reviews. Video reviews are the most reliable.
4. Check out before and after cleaning pictures. See what the company is all about.
5. Check BBB
6. See if the company has any certifications
part 2 coming soon…

Did you know that we clean carpets in high rises ?

At Conella we have the right equipment to tackle any job. We have big truck mounted units that we can use to clean carpets in any residential house or a flat level business. We also have portable units that we can take to any floor we desire. Our portable units are just as good as our truck mounts, but they just take little extra time to clean the carpets or upholstery. So whether you live in a house or in a apartment on the 100th floor give us a call and receive a free quote. 312-528-9428

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

We can help! Here is a list of services that Conella provides! We are open for business Mon-Sat and 24/7 when it comes to emergency services check out our services below:

- Carpet cleaning (steam carpet cleaning)
- Upholstery cleaning
- Area rug clenaing
- Power washing (Using Hot Water)
- Air Duct Cleaning
- Carpet repair and installation
- Drape Cleaning
and many more.. Please contact us for more information and free estimates at  312- 528-9428

Odor control

We not only specialize in carpet cleaning but also in odor control. Are you having problems with your lovely pets? There is no reason to be embarrassed, we understand accidents happen and that’s why we have this odor control treatment. The treatment doesn’t just mask the smell it actually neutralizes it and gets rid of it.