Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Can you clean my carpets if I live on 30th floor?
- Yes we can, we carry two types of machines. We use portable machines for jobs that are not accessible by our truck mount machines.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?
- It depends on how much carpet there is to clean, it also depends on the quality of the carpet and how soiled it is. Typically we can clean 400-500sq.f /per hour

Is scotchgard protection necessary for the carpet?
- Its not necessary but we do recommend it, we have noticed that carpets that are treated with scotchgard last longer and typically have less stains



Need a carpet cleaner?

You can always depend on Conella in Chicago. We offer great service at a very reasonable price. We have a truck mounted equipment and portable machines. We can reach any floor in your building. Visit our website and check out the great deals If you need a free estimate call us anytime at 312-528-9428