Tile Cleaning

Did you know that we clean tile and grout? We can not only clean the tile on your floor but also tile that’s on the walls, for example in the bathrooms. We use a special spinner that can restore the tile and grout to its original look. We also use a special cleaning agent that works very well in getting the stains out of the grout. If you have any questions with pricing please give us a cal at (312) 528-9428

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Carpet Drying Times

I think the number one questions that our customers ask is “how long would it take for the carpets to dry?” and “when would they be able to walk on the carpet again?”

The answer varies sometimes because the drying times depend on a lot of factors like:
- temperature inside/outside
- humidity
- service performed
- how dirty the carpets were
- if it was a water damage job
We can say that on average the carpet is fully dry in 6-8 hours. Once we are done cleaning the carpets we get about 95% of the water from the carpet so the carpet is not soaked its just moist.

As far as walking on the carpet we recommend minimum traffic. We always provide all of the residents at the house with shoe covers in case they need to walk on the carpet. Also don’t forget to ask our techs about “speed drying” the carpets with our special carpet blowers!

shoe covers and speed drying

Its winter but we are still open!

Conella works 24/7 365 days a year no weather will stop us! We can perform all of our services in any weather. We have door covers to make sure no heat escapes your house! Our machines are truck mounted so you don’t have to worry about someone bringing in wet machines into your house. Our technicians always wear shoe covers and make sure we leave your house spotless when we leave! Don’t wait until spring to clean your dirty carpets Call us to schedule your appointment today (312) 528-9428

Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning

We added two services to our website:

-Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning
-Drapes, Sheers, Valances, Panels and Curtain Cleaning
Find more information

here : http://conella-carpet-chicago.com/SERVICES.html

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When was the last time you cleaned your ducts?

Right now its the best time to clean air ducts! Its the time right before we have the furnace running blasting heat around the house. All the accumulation of dust and other dirt particles are sitting right now in the duct work. This is why its the best time to clean it. We offer very reasonable prices call us for free estimates 312-528-9428

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High traffic area cleaning? We got you covered!

We understand that full house carpet cleaning is not always needed. Some furniture stay in the same spot for years, therefore moving it is not necessary. We at Conella offer high traffic area cleaning which includes the most used areas in the house and its cleaning mostly around the furniture. The rates are cheaper vs moving furniture; this kind of service is best used for stairs, entrances, and living rooms areas.

high traffic area cleaning chicago.