Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Can you clean my carpets if I live on 30th floor?
- Yes we can, we carry two types of machines. We use portable machines for jobs that are not accessible by our truck mount machines.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take?
- It depends on how much carpet there is to clean, it also depends on the quality of the carpet and how soiled it is. Typically we can clean 400-500sq.f /per hour

Is scotchgard protection necessary for the carpet?
- Its not necessary but we do recommend it, we have noticed that carpets that are treated with scotchgard last longer and typically have less stains



Don’t worry winter wont stop us!

Luckily this winter hasn’t been as bad as the one we had last year, but regardless of weather conditions we are always open. Our winter hours remain the same as our summer hours 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and we are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency services. January is probably one of the worse months when it comes to freezing temperatures and bursting pipes, so keep our number handy and call us with any incidents 312-528-9428. We offer free estimates and have same day service for any Water Damage Service

Clean carpets in winter?

Is it possible to clean carpets in winter when the temperatures are at 32F or below? Of course its possible, we use hot water to clean the carpets and have no issue with hoses freezing up. We also use door covers to insure that no heat escapes from our customers house. We can also leave blowers to speed up the drying process (normal drying time 4-6 hours) Call us for free estimates 312-528-9428

Chicago carpet cleaning in winter