Did you know that we clean carpets in high rises ?

At Conella we have the right equipment to tackle any job. We have big truck mounted units that we can use to clean carpets in any residential house or a flat level business. We also have portable units that we can take to any floor we desire. Our portable units are just as good as our truck mounts, but they just take little extra time to clean the carpets or upholstery. So whether you live in a house or in a apartment on the 100th floor give us a call and receive a free quote. 312-528-9428

Clean carpets in winter?

Is it possible to clean carpets in winter when the temperatures are at 32F or below? Of course its possible, we use hot water to clean the carpets and have no issue with hoses freezing up. We also use door covers to insure that no heat escapes from our customers house. We can also leave blowers to speed up the drying process (normal drying time 4-6 hours) Call us for free estimates 312-528-9428

Chicago carpet cleaning in winter

Need your tile floor cleaned?

Conella Carpet & Air Duct Cleaners of Chicago also specializes in tile floor cleaning. We can clean tile and grout in your kitchen, bathroom or in any area of your house. We also specialize in removing wax and re-waxing floors. We have years of experience and up to date equipment call us for free estimates (312) 528-9428
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In this blog we will inform our readers about the latest technology in carpet and air duct cleaning industry. We will also cover some tips that can save our clients some time and money. Also from time to time we will offer special discounts stay tuned

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