Carpet Drying Times

I think the number one questions that our customers ask is “how long would it take for the carpets to dry?” and “when would they be able to walk on the carpet again?”

The answer varies sometimes because the drying times depend on a lot of factors like:
- temperature inside/outside
- humidity
- service performed
- how dirty the carpets were
- if it was a water damage job
We can say that on average the carpet is fully dry in 6-8 hours. Once we are done cleaning the carpets we get about 95% of the water from the carpet so the carpet is not soaked its just moist.

As far as walking on the carpet we recommend minimum traffic. We always provide all of the residents at the house with shoe covers in case they need to walk on the carpet. Also don’t forget to ask our techs about “speed drying” the carpets with our special carpet blowers!

shoe covers and speed drying

Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning

We added two services to our website:

-Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning
-Drapes, Sheers, Valances, Panels and Curtain Cleaning
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Conella Carpet & Air Duct Cleaners of Chicago
27 North Wacker Dr Suite 447
Chicago, IL 60606
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Duct Cleaning FAQ continued…

How often should I clean my ducts?
- Duct Cleaning should be done once every 2-3 years, unless special situations occur ( construction, allergies, pets, water damage) then the duct should be cleaned more often.

How long does air duct cleaning take?
-Typical Duct Cleaning job takes from 4-8 hours for a standard 1 furnace house.

Is the cleaning process messy?
- Duct Cleaning is not messy, everything that is being cleaning goes straight into our big vacuum that is connected to the plenum. 


New changes to our website!

We have added two new services to our list:

- Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning
- Drapery Cleaning

We also started to offer dryer vent safety alarm that monitors the dryer vent and notifies the homeowner when its time to clean it.

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Get your area rugs professionally cleaned!

At Conella in Chicago we can pick up your area rugs and clean them in our warehouse. We clean both sides of the rugs and dry the rugs in our drying room. The whole cleaning process usually takes between seven to ten days. We offer free pickup and delivery service call us for more information 312-528-9428

Conella Carpet & Air Duct Cleaners of Chicago
27 North Wacker Dr Suite 447
Chicago IL 60606